Spotlight: Elizabeth Hurley's Charity Work

Hurley selected the canine competition winner at the 2007 MacMillan Cancer Support’s Dog Day.

Charities & foundations supported

Elizabeth Hurley has supported the following charities:

ARKBreast Cancer Research FoundationCaudwell ChildrenElton John AIDS FoundationEnd Hunger NetworkMacmillan Cancer SupportOxfamScreen Actors Guild FoundationSmall Steps Project Read more about Elizabeth Hurley's charity work and events. Related articles Elton John Crowned Karaoke KingCelebrities Raid The Ark In Charity AuctionSir Elton John's White Tie And Tiara Party Hits The BeachGordon Ramsay Cooks Up A Success For Women's AidKylie Minogue Adds Her Voice To Children's Campaign

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