Titans’ Aqualad Probably Won’t Be Gay, But Another Hero Might Be

When it comes to Titans‘ second season, there’s certainly a lot to look forward to. Not only will Deathstroke emerge as the new big bad, but we’ll also meet the likes of Superboy, Jericho, Ravager, Mercy Graves and Bruce Wayne in the flesh. In addition to those folks, it’s worth mentioning how a live action version of Aqualad will also be along for the ride, someone who hasn’t been discussed all that much to this point.

Those of you who are intimately familiar with Atlanteans know of how there have been multiple versions of Aqualad in pop culture. More often than not, the iteration we’re used to seeing is that of Garth, who’ll be played by Drew Van Acker on the Titans show itself. And if comic books aren’t your cup of tea, you’ve likely at least been introduced to him by
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