The Last Week In Wrestling #29: Wrestling Round-Up Bumper Edition!

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Welcome to this edition of The Last Week In Wrestling, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and because this one is running a bit late (an under-statement), I’m putting a whole month together into one mega-column that’ll kick so much ass you’ll…I forgot. My chest hurts. Okay, let’s cover a whole month in one article.

Best Promo:

Bray Wyatt Is Making Fun Of Vince McMahon With A PBS Rip-Off (WWE) – These FireFly Fun House vignettes are too damn funny. Apparently, these things are just making fun of Vince and his evil business practices. Maybe this is what he gets for those Billionaire Ted videos from the 90s?

Best Moment:

How To Start A Riot And Piss Off People (Major League Wrestling) – Contra Unit did another one of those violent, edgy brawls that incense the crowd so much that they practically start a riot all their own.
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