17 Incredibly Awkward Sexual Experiences

Sex is a big deal, especially the first time. After episodes and seeming eons of longing and wanting, lusting and loving from afar, when a couple finally consummated, finally doing it is considered epic.

Except sometimes it isn't. The media has built up this idea that sex is earthshattering and awesome even the first time.

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In reality, sex can be awkward. It can be painful if you are a virgin. It can be strange if you are transitioning from a formerly platonic relationship. Or it can just be underwhelming.

Television doesn't always like to go there, but it is great when it does. A realistically awkward first time can bring a sense of reality to a show.

Of course, sometimes the reason for the awkwardness is exaggerated, cartoonish, comedic, or even catastrophic. Let's face it, even when TV tries to get real,
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