10 Mel Brooks Jokes Modern Audiences Wouldn't Understand

Without Mel Brooks, comedy simply wouldn't be the same. His works turned low-brow humor and vulgarity into sophisticated art. From the early years growing up in Brooklyn, Mel always had a knack for making people laugh. He also had a penchant for music, having worked as a drummer in his teens. After serving in the Us army disarming landmines during World War II, he took on comedy full time, working in clubs and an occasional radio stint before becoming a writer on Your Show of Shows. Then, he created the slapstick spy comedy series Get Smart.

It wasn't long after that when he wrote and directed The Producers, a comedy about two men trying to get rich from creating the worst, most offensive Broadway musical ever made. It was a bold, daring, and risky form of comedy, but audiences embraced it and Brooks even won an academy award for Best Original Screenplay.
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