10 Best Episodes Of Wynonna Earp According To IMDb

In 2016, Syfy had a sleeper hit on its hands, as critics and audience members loudly voiced their praise for the new series Wynonna Earp. Inspired by the Idw comic of the same name, the series followed the title character as the heir to the Earp curse.

As the legend goes, every generation a new heir was responsible for using the magical gun Peacemaker to send demons packing. Those demons used to be people when Wyatt Earp lived in the small town of Purgatory. It’s Wyatt’s actions that resulted in the curse, but it’s the rest of his family line that has to pay for it.

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Now three seasons into the show, with a fourth season on the way in 2020, Wynonna Earp hasn’t lost steam with the fans. On IMDb, nine of its top rated episodes come
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