Insights: VidCon And Its Influencers Are Bigger Than Ever, But What About The Kids?

Did you make it to VidCon last week? I hope so. I always tell people in entertainment, marketing and advertising that they should go at least once, to understand the customers they'll be talking to for the rest of their careers.

This year's show was another total sensory overload. As co-founder Hank Green might put it, the show fully utilizes the vast Anaheim Convention Center and spills over into neighboring hotels and beyond.

It was, generally speaking, pretty great, if pretty overwhelming. My only concern, as VidCon gets bigger, more tightly controlled and more intensely siloed, is whether it will still provide that same visceral understanding of the influencer industry's intensely connected fans. Basically, can the premier event for Irl connecting of the amorphous mass of digital stars, support businesses, multiplying platforms and fracturing fandoms continue to be its best connector as it grows and changes?

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