ICM Seeks Dismissal Of WGA Packaging Lawsuit, Calls Guild’s Legal Theories “Absurd”

ICM Partners has filed a motion to dismiss an anti-packaging lawsuit brought by the WGA, calling the guild’s claims “absurd.”

The WGA and writers Patricia Carr and Chip Johannessen sued the agency in April for breach of fiduciary duty and constructive fraud. ICM’s demurrer, filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court, is similar to the answer filed by CAA early this month. Wme and UTA, who also were sued by the guild, are expected to file their motions for dismissal early next week.

“In a remarkable and naked attempt at a power grab, plaintiffs – a top-heavy writers’ union and some of the most influential and wealthiest writers and TV producers in Hollywood – seek to eliminate the industry-wide practice of packaging,” ICM said (read its demurrer here). “Yet, this very same union, and these same writer-producers, expressly consented to and benefitted from packaging for nearly five decades.”

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