Bad Boys For Lif3: 10 Questions We Waited Almost 17 Years To Get Answers For

In 1995, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence stormed the action scene with their gritty buddy-cop comedy Bad Boys, where Miami Police Department (Mpd) detectives Mike (Smith) and Marcus (Lawrence) shot and bickered their way through big drug cases. But despite enjoying strong box office revenues and gaining a loyal following, the Bad Boys franchise was stuck in stasis with only two movies to its name.

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Now, almost 20 years after the second movie’s debut, the Bad Boys are finally back in the upcoming Bad Boys For Life that’s set for a 2020 release. It has yet to be confirmed if the third movie is the last, but it’ll surely address some story threads left dangling. Here are 10 Bad Boys questions we’ve waited roughly 17 years to get answers for.
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