Veronica Mars: If You're Confused About Weevil, You're Not Alone

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Warning: spoilers ahead for Veronica Mars!

The tension between Weevil and the titular heroine of Veronica Mars is palpable in the series' fourth season, to say the very least. Easily one of the most nuanced characters on the soapy noir dramedy, Eli "Weevil" Navarro started the series as a minor antagonist only to become one of Veronica's strongest allies. Still, V's been hostile toward him lately, especially as he returns to his life of crime amidst the Neptune bombings. Yet the emotional fracture between these two has gone on for way longer than the events of season four Hulu reboot. To truly understand Weevil's role in the revival, we need to understand his arc between the 2014 movie and the canonical book Mr. Kiss and Tell.

Weevil started off as a leader of Neptune's Pch gang, eventually retiring from this life after finding work in season three and starting a family in the movie.
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