Documentary review: One Child Nation (2019) by Wang Nanfu and Zhang Jialing

One-child policy that was upheld in China from 1979 to 2015 undoubtedly contributed to the country’s technological and economic development, but also left some dire consequences to the ordinary people. Since its abolishment, the Chinese filmmakers are able to speak somewhat critically about its failed aspects. For instance, Wang Xiaoshuai tackled the topic in this year’s Berlinale competition title “So Long, My Son”. Documentarians Wang Nanfu and Zhang Jialing, however, approached it from a different angle that is both personal and wider social in “One Child Nation”. After the premiere at this year’s Sundance and an extended festival tour, the film was screened at Human Rights Dox competition of DokuFest in Prizren, Kosovo in the beginning of August, just before its theatrical release in the Us.

Wang Nanfu got interested in this huge historical and socio-political topic when she got pregnant and when her childhood memories of propaganda, the
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