Supernatural Season 15 Ending Will Be Bittersweet

Bridget Lamonica Aug 14, 2019

With Supernatural coming to an end, we speak with Misha Collins and executive producer Robert Singer about their mixed emotions.

Misha Collins has a unique perspective on The CW’s mega fandom hit Supernatural. His character Castiel was introduced in season 4 and never meant to become a series regular. The popularity of Castiel among fans secured his place, and now he’s closing out the entire series eleven years later.

“You don't get into this line of work for job security and none of us ever expected to work on anything for this long,” Collins said. “I mean, it's not hyperbolic to say that it feels like a family. You know, we just all know each other so well and been through so much together. It's such a significant chunk of our lives. We haven't dreaded going to work. We really like the show and we like
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