Krypton Season 2 Finale Review – ‘The Alpha and The Omega’

Ricky Church reviews the season 2 finale of Krypton…

With the recent news that SyFy has cancelled Krypton, what was its second season finale has now become its series finale (unless it finds another home for a third season). After the exciting episode that was ‘Blood Moon’ with Doomsday’s massacre, ‘The Alpha and The Omega’ saw Seg-El and his allies take the fight directly to Zod in a last ditch effort to free Krypton. While it was not as tense as ‘Blood Moon’, the finale still delivered some good action scenes and nice character moments that led to a bittersweet cliffhanger.

The story moved along at a fairly nice pace as the final battle loomed. The slow burn of the opening allowed both the characters and audience to mourn the loss of Kem due to his sacrifice to destroy Doomsday. The gravity of the situation really set in for Seg
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