10 Immortal Jean-Claude Van Damme Movie Quotes

Jean-Claude Van Damme, as a movie star, is more known for his spinning kicks and splits than for his one-liners, which is a shame. Van Damme is not only insanely quotable in real life, he also holds his own on screen. Arnold may be the absolute king of quotes, but Jcvd is not far behind. They both have great delivery, as well as an unmistakable accent, but Van Damme’s filmography was often made on a noticeably smaller budget. His career did not reach the same heights as other action stars, so his best moments have often been lost to time. So here’s a look at the most unforgettable lines ever uttered on screen by The Muscles from Brussels. If we all memorize them, maybe the man can ingrain his own “I’ll be back” into the collective consciousness.

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