WGA Ratchets Up Legal Fight, Claims Agencies Use Mob Tactics

The Writers Guild of America ratcheted up its fight against three major talent agencies Monday when it countersued Wme, CAA, and UTA under a law that’s used to throw mob bosses in jail.

This consolidates the WGA-agency fight into one venue: Us District Court. The union filed its initial lawsuit in state court in April, but withdrew that complaint Monday.

The WGA alleges that the practice of packaging constitutes racketeering and violates antitrust laws. Packaging is when agencies bundle a project/script with talent from its ranks to sell a movie or TV show. Production companies pay a fee to the agency for that service.

It’s at the heart of the dispute that reached a head in April when 7,000 Hollywood writers fired their agents after the big agencies refused to budge on the practice — which the union wants to see abolished.

“What began as a service to
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