Interview with Shengwei Zhou:”Everyone is equally apt to desires regardless of their gender”

Shengwei Zhou’s impressively crafted feature length stop-motion animation “SHe” centers around mother’s struggle to provide her daughter with a better life by teaching her how to alter the appearance, and with it her behavior.

Zhou’s take on gender and class differences is situated in a world literally made of clothes, and his main protagonists are shoes that get worn out by slaving in a cigarette factory.

Listening to her mother’s advise, the red patent stiletto learns to be a flat black male shoe, squeezing herself into an uncomfortable and unnatural skin, in order to “fit in”.

“SHe” has been successfully touring the international festivals since its premiere in Beijing, where it was nominated in the categories Best Film and Best Director, and after several more festivals in China, it had its North American premiere at Fantasia International Film Festival earlier this summer.

“SHe” is screening at
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