WB May Be Developing A Wonder Girl Titans Spinoff

Despite rumors questioning DC Universe’s future following the cancellation of Swamp Thing, Titans is cruising ahead into its second season, with the darker take on the Teen Titans turning out to be a real winner for Warner Bros. Television. They’ve already created one spinoff based on it, in the form of the equally-popular Doom Patrol, and from what we’re hearing there could be more on the horizon.

We Got This Covered has been informed by our sources – the same ones who told us Black Adam will feature in Shazam 3!, which Zachary Levi later confirmed – that the studio is considering spinoffs for a couple of Titans characters, one of them being Wonder Girl. This is not something they’re officially working on just yet but we’re told that they’re thinking about it. It’s likely that they’re waiting to see how well season 2 goes down
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