Italian Locations Offer Diversity and Lots of Incentives

  • Variety
From glaciers in the Dolomites to the emerald Sardinian coastline, gritty industrial settings and roughly 54 Unesco World Heritage sites, the Italian peninsula offers pretty much any type of location you could imagine.

“Italy is a country where you can shoot everywhere,” says Stefania Ippoliti, president of the Italian Film Commissions umbrella group. “It’s not like in France, where it’s all about Paris and the Cote d’Azure.”

Plus, “everywhere you shoot, you find an efficient film commission, [which] “was not the case a few years ago.”

There are at least 18 film commissions now operating across Italy. Most of them offer incentives and local film funds that have grown to be worth a total of €60 million ($66 million) a year. Though on a merely monetary level Italian funds are not on a par with Germany or France, the basic advantage is that the country’s film commissions also double up as
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