Arrow Video Frightfest 2019 Review – Madness in the Method

Madness in the Method, 2019.

Directed by Jason Mewes.

Starring Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Teri Hatcher, Vinnie Jones, Danny Trejo, Stan Lee, Gina Carano, Dean Cain and Casper Van Dien.


Jason Mewes, attempting method acting in order to gain more respect for himself in Hollywood, slowly descends into madness.

That Jason Mewes, best known for starring as sex-crazed stoner Jay in Kevin Smith’s Askewniverse movies, would ever direct his own feature, let alone one that would play host to Stan Lee’s final ever cameo appearance, is practically impossible to fathom. And yet, here it is.

Anyone with any awareness of Mewes’ fraught personal life won’t be surprised to learn that his directorial debut is appropriately rough-hewn, a quasi-autobiographical docu-horror in which Mewes plays a not-so-fictional version of himself desperately trying to be taken seriously as a dramatic actor. His quest ends up having grisly consequences, as Jay
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