‘Master of Dark Shadows’ Review: Dir. David Gregory [Frightfest 2019]

Master of Dark Shadows review: It’s time for a nostalgic look back at America’s craziest soap opera with David Gregory’s documentary.

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Modern audiences know Dark Shadows as being that Tim Burton film which came out a few years back that no many people really watched. That wasn’t the first iteration of Dark Shadows. The original Dark Shadows aired in the Us from June 27th, 1966 to April 2nd, 1971 and started life as a fairly regular soap opera until creator Dan Curtis and his writing team came up with a genius idea. This idea was to give the show a supernatural spin and so added a vampire character, Barnabas Collins, to spice it up in the run down to its cancellation. The new, rather strange, addition actually saved the show; after vampires, it toured almost every classic monster.

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