Doctor Who: The Doctor's Most Doctor-ish Moments

Andrew Blair Sep 5, 2019

Andrew attempts to put his finger on those moments that make the Doctor incontrovertibly the Doctor...

This article contains spoilers for Doctor Who, including books and audioplays. It originally ran on Den of Geek UK.

You know the description "Doctor-ish," pertaining to the title character in the long-running BBC TV series Doctor Who? It feels slightly nebulous, defined circularly by virtue of literally anything they do potentially matching this description. Yet, I bet we all carry a vague notion of it, a gut feeling that certain acts and ways are Doctor-ish.

Rather than try to define this then find examples to support the definition, I’m going to list examples of behavior from each incarnation that I regard as Doctor-ish then leave everyone to come up with their own conclusions/reiterate their existing opinions. And so…

The First Doctor - The Aztecs - “Yes, I made some cocoa and got engaged.
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