Moment of Truth, How Tall Is Tall Girl's Ava Michelle?

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To add to the list of teen-flicks we will be shamelessly watching on Netflix, Tall Girl, starring Ava Michelle, is upon us. The Netflix original movie follows the life of Jodi (played by Michelle), who is the tallest girl in her high school at just 16 years old. With Ava towering over all of her costars (aka classmates) in the film, it makes you wonder if she is that tall in real life or if it's some sort of movie magic mind trick. So, how tall is Ava from Tall Girl? According to her Instagram bio, 6'1" to be exact - just like Jodi in the Netflix original.

At just 17 years old, Michelle is an actress, dancer (she appeared on a few episodes of Dance Moms back in the day), model, and singer-songwriter, and despite the character she plays in Tall Girl, she appears to be embracing all 73 inches of her height to the fullest.
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