Blu-ray Review: Scars Of Dracula Spooks and Shocks

Out this week from Scream Factory comes Scars of Dracula, another old favorite in Hammer Film's back catalog. I was happy to receive this disc for review, since I'd never been able to catch this movie anywhere before.  Directed by Hammer stalwart Roy Ward BakerScars of Dracula is essentially (in my humble opinion) a reboot of the tried-and-true Dracula story, but with a shocking (and hilarious) 1970s sensibility. And what an interesting film it is. I mean... have you ever seen Dracula stab anyone? Oh, but you will, and it's insane. Christopher Lee is back as Dracula, and in a very strange iteration of the character. Unlike the previous incarnation, Dracula is far more talkative, for one. But there's...

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