Peaky Blinders: 5 Historical Facts The Show Gets Right (& 5 It Gets Totally Wrong)

Season 5 of British crime drama Peaky Blinders is almost over, and the show’s many fans – including celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Steven Spielberg – are already clamoring for Season 6. The show’s enduring popularity is a testament to the genius of its creator and lead writer Steven Knight, whose scripting strikes a perfect blend of fact and fiction.

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That said, Peaky Blinders’ “historical fiction” tag does beg the question: “Just how much of this stuff actually happened?” And the answer is that you definitely shouldn’t mistake Peaky Blinders for an actual history lesson. While the show accurately portrays quite a few key details, it also veers quite wide of the mark in many other respects – for the benefit of our entertainment, of course!
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