10 Western Masterpieces You've Probably Never Seen

Westerns once dominated American cinema, and as a result, there are hundreds and hundreds of them in existence. That being said, if you were to ask anyone on the street to name even five, chances are you would hear the same titles. Most of their selections would include Spaghetti Westerns like The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, as well as modern Westerns like Django, Unchained, Unforgiven, or Dances With Wolves.

While those films are excellent in their own way, there are so many Westerns that don't get mentioned or celebrated enough. Whether you crave the spacious cinematography, the exciting gunfights, or the rousing musical scores, a true Western masterpiece has it all. The tropes and archetypes featured in Western films, such as creating your own destiny, succeeding through adversity, and shepherding your integrity are timeless - it's why we see the same stories retold today across a variety of genres.
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