Breaking Down Jennifer Lopez's Oscar Odds For Hustlers

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The reviews are in, and it looks like Hustlers is getting some major award season buzz, especially for star Jennifer Lopez. So will she actually be nominated for an Oscar? It's still too early to make solid predictions, since many of the year's biggest movies have yet to be released, but right now, Lopez is definitely a contender at the very least.

Based on the way the film's cast is billed - Lopez is billed second, behind costar Constance Wu - it's still a toss-up whether Lopez's Oscar campaign will push her towards the leading or supporting actress category. Both fields are crowded with other major turns, which could make Lopez something of a dark horse, since her film is decidedly less "Oscar-y" than some of her competition. If she chooses to compete in the leading category, she'll likely be up against award season vets like Saoirse Ronan (for Little Women
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