A Quick Refresher on What Went Down Between Pete and Hannah on The Bachelorette

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With Peter Weber newly chosen as the next Bachelor, it's time to revisit what happened between "Pilot Pete" and Hannah on The Bachelorette this Summer. Pete became something of a fan favorite, making it all the way to the top three (and becoming the center of the season's most meme-able moment) but had a minor scandal to deal with, too. Here's what to keep in mind ahead of his Bachelor season.

In the first few weeks of the show, Pete was a pretty low-key player, keeping himself away from most of the major drama in the mansion. While all the Luke P. drama went down, Pete kept to the middle of the pack, charming Hannah and occasionally making really bad airplane puns but mostly just establishing himself as a fairly likable and low-drama dude. He got along well with the other guys in the house, too. Pete made it to the hometown dates,
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