Ben Platt Nearly Has an Egot, but Wow, We Did Not Realize How Young He Is

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On Netflix's The Politician, Ben Platt stars as a high school student with dreams of becoming president one day. Platt looks the part, but how old is he really? As with many high school shows, Platt is a little older than his character, at age 25, but he's actually been playing teenagers for the past several years.

Platt's first significant role was in the Chicago production of The Book of Mormon, where he played a 19-year-old Mormon missionary in the comedy musical. He broke out on the big screen as eager, nerdy Benji in the Pitch Perfect series beginning in 2012, showing off his comic talents alongside his musical chops. In 2015, he reprised the role in Pitch Perfect 2, and in 2017, he had a guest role in the revival of Will and Grace as a much younger flirtation of Will's.

Of course, it was Broadway again that launched Platt into major stardom.
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