Hdr Is Slowly But Surely Becoming the Industry Standard for Television Sets

  • Indiewire
Hdr is the new “most important” television technology, and if your TV doesn’t have it, you’re working with stone-age tech. Just remember: Hdr is not an upgrade to 4K, as most recent 4K TVs support Hdr — which is entirely unrelated to HD, by the way. Of course, 4K is sort of related to Uhd, which is like HD but with more ultra. Anyway, Hdr-equipped 4K TVs are undoubtedly better than 1080p displays… which are much, much better than 720p displays. A, B, C. 1, 2, 3. Etc.

If that felt like a lot of information, don’t worry: Trying to keep up with the litany of new tech acronyms that pop up seemingly every year can be dizzying for all but the most diehard of gadget enthusiasts. For most television and film viewers, we just want a screen that can display an impressive image; the kind of screen that displays appropriately inky dark blacks and bright,
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