Doctor Who and the Changing Face of Audience Reactions

Andrew Blair Oct 15, 2019

From fanzines to forums, Doctor Who fan opinion has evolved over the years

This article comes from Den of Geek UK.

Whenever an episode of Doctor Who is broadcast now it’s quite easy to get a sense of how it’s been received within online communities. Websites review the episodes and people comment on those, folk post on social media and forums, and podcasts offer dissection and discussion in the aftermath.

Prior to the internet, the main outlet for review and opinion pieces were the printed fanzines that sprang up in the late seventies and eighties. Prior to that the main source we have for viewers’ responses were the BBC Audience Research reports, which weren’t carried out for every story and mostly only looked at one episode per story. What’s interesting to see is how contemporary opinion doesn’t always match up with current
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