‘Itsy Bitsy’ VOD Review

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Stars: Bruce Davison, Elizabeth Roberts, Denise Crosby, Arman Darbo, Chloe Perrin | Written by Micah Gallo, Bryan Dick, Jason Alvino | Directed by Micah Gallo

Based on a story by Micah Gallo, who also directs and co-writes the screenplay here alongside Bryan Dick and Jason Alvino, Itsy Bitsy is Gallo’s feature debut, having only worked previously on shorts, as well as a part of visual effects teams on dozens of movies, from the Hatchet trilogy to The Innkeepers.

Now, I’m a fan of the ole “creature feature” but it’s fair to say films in this specific sub-genre are few and far between these days. Spiders are always a good choice for a creature feature horror film, because spiders, after-all, are a widely spread fear around the world. They have eight legs, they can walk on your ceilings, and you never know where the buggers are lurking, so… that’s some solid horror right there,
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