Peak TV Is Only a Concern in the Gated Community of Hollywood

Let’s just cut to the chase. Yes, there’s too much television. Not only is there too much television, but there’s been too much television for quite some time. Not only has there been too much television for quite some time, but there is more television on the way, whether you like it or not.

But here’s the thing: Outside of Los Angeles and New York, very few people care. As passionate as I feel about HBO’s “Succession” and as much as it seems as though the entire world is obsessed with it, but the show’s spectacular Season 2 finale had just 1.1 million viewers between first run showings, encores and digital platforms. Or, approximately, the whole of the entertainment industry. That’s it.

There’s a disconnect between those inside the TV industry and the rest of the world. Look at Netflix’s earnings report this
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