Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Episode 6 Review: From Below

Star Wars Resistance channels Jurassic Park during an excursion for fuel and a family reunion of sorts in a fun, somewhat silly episode.




This Star Wars Resistance review contains spoilers.

Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Episode 6

There needs to be some kind of symposium or convention or conference or something to generalize the meaning or purpose of nonsensical sci-fi words. You know, those invented, fictional terms that scientists or engineers or doctors spit out in elaborate word salads to explain feats of scientific majesty? Like “flux capacitors” or “thorium compressor.” I’m being facetious, but mainly because “From Below” uses the term “stabilizers” three different times in this episode for different reasons, and it sort of boggles my mind that the writers couldn’t come up with other words for the various situations.

Spaceships and elevators are two wholly different things, but both seem to lose control because
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