Netflix To Release Season 3 Premiere Of The Crown For Free

It’s rumored that each episode of The Crown has a budget of $10 million. So, Netflix was taking quite the gamble when they pinned that much money on a slow-paced, detail-heavy exploration of post-war British politics. It’s a gamble that’s paid off, though.

The show is excellent, has won many awards and is one of their most prestigious titles. And it seems that with season 3 premiering on November 17th, they’re determined to keep it that way, as they’re releasing the premiere for free to anyone with or without a Netflix account.

Personally, I think this a smart move. With a brand new cast in the lead roles, the episode will be a great jumping-on point for anyone that missed out on the first two seasons. The not-inconsiderable star power of Oscar winner Olivia Colman, supported by a cast including Helena Bonham Carter, Tobias Menzies and Gillian Anderson,
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