Scene Stealer: Julia Fox Digs Deep in ‘Uncut Gems’

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Scene Stealer: Julia Fox Digs Deep in ‘Uncut Gems’
Julia Fox makes her feature debut in “Uncut Gems,” Benny and Josh Safdie’s wild roller-coaster ride through a few weeks in the life of a high-end jewelry dealer and degenerate gambler (Adam Sandler) in New York City’s diamond district. Fox plays a saleswoman called Julia who’s also the girlfriend of her boss, the very married Howard (Sandler). He keeps her in a big apartment in the city while his family is in a big house in the suburbs.

The amoral Howard gets his hands on a rare opal that he tries to auction off at a respectable house, but Celtics’ star Kevin Garnett (the film is set in 2012) wants to buy it. What happens next is a rush of Rube Goldbergian plots involving bookies, pawn shops, Julia “seducing” the Weeknd at a club to make a big sale, jewel-encrusted Furbies, NBA games and lies upon more whopping lies.
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