Film Composers Tap Into Offbeat Inspirations for Scores

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Film Composers Tap Into Offbeat Inspirations for Scores
An electro-acoustic cello for a comic-book villain. Sampled whistling for young revolutionaries in a Latin American jungle. A German rendition of a Beatles song for a satire on the Third Reich. A retro synth score for the tribulations of a gambling addict. Angry, dissonant music for two men alone in a 19th-century lighthouse. Avant-garde saxophone solos digitally inserted into a soundtrack.

The rulebook for film composers has been thrown out, it seems. A number of this year’s films feature daring musical approaches, suggesting that filmmakers are more open to unusual soundscapes, which in turn makes their films even more interesting and provocative.

“It seems like there’s an openness of spirit, especially on the outskirts of Hollywood,” says Mica Levi, the British composer whose overpowering music for “Jackie” earned her a 2016 Oscar nomination. “There are always people who are interested in making something they haven’t seen, and therefore are open to taking risks.
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