The most embarrassing moment of Taapsee Pannu's life

Taapsee reaction to Rangoli Chandel

She always has a lot of things to say. I just think that she loves me, I think both of them really love me and that?s because they give me so much of time and attention from their lives.

I honestly, unfortunately, don?t feel the same so I don?t give it back, I don?t give my time and attention to them because it doesn?t matter to me in my life or in my scheme of things. I don?t want to waste my time on someone who doesn?t matter to me but apparently, I do matter, is why I get so much of love and attention and time but I honestly find it so futile to instigate me like that.

If you really want to instigate me and make me say things, this is not the way.

Taapsee on Rangoli?
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