‘The Intruder’ DVD Review

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Stars: Meagan Good, Dennis Quaid, Michael Ealy, Erica Cerra, Joseph Sikora, Alvina August, Debs Howard, Lili Sepe, Lee Shorten, Carolyn Anderson, Caroline Muthoni Muita, Kurt Evans | Written by David Loughery | Directed by Deon Taylor

The Intruder, directed by Deon Taylor, is the latest conventional haunted house thriller tale that has a big bark but no bite. Denis Quaid stars as Charlie Peck, who sells his property to Annie and Scott Russell, played by Meagan Good and Michael Ealy, and slowly becomes obsessed with the couple. Begins to blur the lines of a psychopath and friendly neighbour.

Taylor’s recent effort had firm hopes to impress with a haunting trailer that wonderfully captured the dread and terror that such a thriller film should provoke. It is a rather tragic set of events that proceed the Sony logo, however, as the next one hundred and fifteen-minutes result in in a dull and often disastrous stifled thriller,
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