‘The Dwelling’ Review

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Stars: Colin Price, Alysa King, Gwenlyn Cumyn, Dennis Andres, George Krissa, Hamza Fouad, Alex Loubert, Mary-Elizabeth Willcott, Craig Cyr, Tom Marasovic, Dwayne Bryshun, Samantha Cole | Written by Cody Calahan, Jeff Maher | Directed by Jeff Maher

The Dwelling is also known as Bed of the Dead, and the poster is a loving homage to the Evil Dead. Promising stuff from Uncork’d Entertainment, which harks back to that “so bad it is almost good but isn’t” review I did of The Demonologist (sadly it is nothing like the Evil Dead).

Here we kick off with an old-timey satanic lynching before coming back to the present for a police controller casually explaining there has been a fire at a sex club. Jesus, some days it is tough being a cop. It is the ruffled hair, the leather jacket, the hip flask and an old photo of a girl that gets me through
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