Richard Hammond's Big review – a Huge hooray for the end of the world!

In this grotesquely ill-advised series, Clarkson’s sidekick goggles at things that are larger than him, ie everything. First stop: the world’s biggest car factory

‘I’m Richard Hammond and I’m on a mission to explore the really big,” says our host at the start of this new series on Discovery. “And yes I know everyone seems big to me.” Hammond is 1.68 metres tall, and has spent most of his career looking up to Jeremy Clarkson (1.96m) and James May (1.82m), which is no way to live.

I am not saying that Hammond has a Napoleon complex, still less that this series is a sublimation of his weekly humiliations on Top Gear and The Grand Tour, but it probably wouldn’t have been made were he taller. Indeed, it probably wouldn’t have existed if Clarkson and May had been cut down to his size in a car
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