French cinema chases the blues by Richard Mowe - 2020-01-17 11:57:55

Juliette Binoche at the opening of the 22nd Rendezvous with French Cinema: 'Laugh as much as you can' Photo: Richard Mowe While most of France seems a tad glum amid the ongoing social unrest around pensions and other pressing matters the French film industry is determined to provide a bright spark to chase the blues away

In tandem with the opening of the 22nd edition of Unifrance’s Rendezvous with French Cinema last night and the market premiere of Martin Provost’s nostalgic comedy How To Be A Good Wife (La Bonne Spouse) before an audience of more than 400 potential buyers, figures just announced indicate that in 2019 French films sold 40.5 million tickets abroad and generated 244.4 million euros in box office receipts. Attendances for French films internationally last year demonstrate stability, while French cinema has strengthened its status as a favourite at major international film festivals, say the organisers.

Daniela Elstner,
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