Swallow: Are You Sure You Want to Eat That? [Trailer]

They say truth is stranger than fiction and in the case of pica, that's certainly true. The eating disorder, which refers to individuals who consume nonfood items, is at the centre of Carlo Mirabella-Davis' feature film debut Swallow.

Haley Bennett (Hardcore HenryThe Hole), stars as Hunter, a young woman who has recently married into a well-to-do family and from the early stages of her marriage, she's on the outside of the family. Her in-laws see her as a gold digger and they take every opportunity to remind her that she's not one of them.

As a means to get some semblance of control over her life, Hunter begins to swallow items but as her pica gets more serious, the worse her life spirals out of her control.

Along with Bennett, the film also co-stars Au
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