New Discovery Special Examines Pluto’s 2006 Demotion From Planet Status (Exclusive)

  • The Wrap
Discovery has ordered a mini-documentary special on the dwarf planet Pluto that will take a closer look at the controversy surrounding the former planet and why it was demoted to dwarf status in 2006, TheWrap has learned exclusively.

Called “#TeamPluto,” the special premieres Feb. 18 on the 90th anniversary of the day Pluto was first discovered in 1930.

The special will follow YouTube star and TV host Nick Uhas and his team of astronomers, scientists and historians on their quest to understand what happened to Pluto.

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The special will answer questions regarding what led to its abrupt reclassification in 2006, why it was stripped of its planetary standing, and whether it could ever be reinstated to its former glory. It will also do a deep-dive into the scientific and social importance of the dwarf planet, as
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