The Evolution of Nicolas Cage's Hair | A Video by Harry Hanrahan

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A month after unleashing Nicolas Cage Loses His Sh*t, Harry Hanrahan has returned in this spin-off of sorts to that video, The Evolution of Nicolas Cage's Hair. If there's one thing more versatile than Cage's level of crazy, it's Cage's hairstyles over the years, which come complete with their own personalities. It's like a Chia of Crazy. It will amaze and confound you.

Prepare to be follicly-hypnotized for the next two-and-a-half minutes.

Here is a list of movies used in the video:

00'08 - Valley Girl

00'14 - Rumble Fish

00'18 - Racing with the Moon

00'21 - The Cotton Club

00'23 - Birdy

00'27 - The Boy In Blue

00'31 - Peggy Sue Got Married

00'35 - Raising Arizona

00'40 - Moonstruck

00'44 - Vampire's Kiss

00'49 - Fire Birds

00'52 - Wild at Heart

00'55 - Zandalee

00'59 - Honeymoon In Vegas

01'02 - Amos & Andrew
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