Toyota's a Victim, Not a Villain

The company was vindicated recently against safety charges, but did anyone notice? Eric Dezenhall on the "crisis capitalists" that destroy companies-despite being wrong.

In Oliver Stone's recent Wall Street sequel, Eli Wallach played a venerable investment banker who was asked about the trajectory of the 2008 financial crisis. He answered, "It'll get worse now because it'll go faster."

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Nobody knows how fast a reputation can get sucked down the vortex better than Toyota. In the past year, the company has had its 75-year reputation for excellence severely compromised by a drumbeat of product safety allegations. Toyota recalled millions of cars at a cost of billions of dollars, and paid nearly $50 million in fines.

Now, a fresh indignity: Despite being vindicated last week by no less than Nasa of the charge that electronic demons conjure Toyotas into Apollo rockets,
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