Supernatural - Episode 6.13 - Unforgiven - Recap

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Previously - Death created the Great Wall of Sam, RoboSam killed things, Sam didn't want a soul, Death warned against scratching, Sam scratched by tricking Castiel, Sam emo-ed, Castiel told Dean off, and Dean worried.

One year ago in Bristol, Rhode Island, RoboSam shoots things as Grandpa Creepy looks conflicted or ticked off - hard to tell. Sam's shot but he's on an "escape now, play doctor later " timetable. Unfortunately, a local redshirt cop pulls them over, messing with the plan. He's upset because he can't get the sheriff on the phone. Seeing blood on RoboSam, he insists that they accompany him back to the sheriff's office. However, RoboSam doesn't take direction well and beats Redshirt to a bloody pulp. Grandpa Creepy: "You think there may be calmer ways we could have done all that." You think maybe you should have stopped him instead of looking on. RoboSam could
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