Modern Family 2.16 "Regrets Only" Review

If you missed last week's return of Fizbo, catch up with my review here.

This week's episode centered around, as was plainly stated in Jay's concluding voiceover (which I didn't hate!  See why below), the need for married couples to listen to each other.  Phil, Mitchell and Jay all had their own problems listening to their spouses, and each had to deal with the consequences.  As a karaoke fan (my "Love Shack" was well known in the Brookline area of Boston from 1999-2000), I actually enjoyed the Jay/Gloria story the best (it had by far the best line of the night, as described below), but there was enough in the other two stories that made me enjoy "Regrets Only" more than last week's "Princess Party," even if it wasn't a great episode.

"Mistaken communications" is a common trope of every type of storytelling, whether it be a play, drama,
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