8 videogame franchises that need a reboot

Everything has an expiry date. Particularly in the movie industry, franchises have rebooted in less than ten years – Spider-Man being a prime example. This system of constant recycling may be detrimental to that particular industry, but in the realm of videogames, there’s always a guaranteed cash-in system by way of producing games from ancient franchises, simply by adding a few key features and giving the visuals a facelift. There are plenty of examples where recycling essentially the same game has proven a success time and again – Super Mario Bros perhaps being the most prominent. What’s interesting is that on the whole, that particular franchise has not evolved a great deal. In 1981 Mario was a platform-based side scrolling game where you controlled a portly Italian plumber jumping over goombahs and rescuing a hapless princess. Twenty five years later and guess what, the princess is still not in this castle.
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