Cinema Club this weekend: Bigger Than Life with Marjorie Baumgarten

This week’s Cinema Club is a longtime favorite, and one of those films we almost can’t believe is real. Though set in a picture-perfect Hollywood small-town, Bigger Than Life shows us the irrational, broken, cruel underpinnings of the American Dream. Mad Men has explored a lot of this same darkness, but 50 years prior, Nicholas Ray looked it right in the eye and made this movie.

When we first asked Austin Chronicle Film Critic and Senior Editor Marjorie Baumgarten to participate in Cinema Club, this was one of her top choices, and it should make for a rousing and informative Cinema Club. For those who aren’t familiar with the format, at Cinema Club we invite a guest expert to introduce a classic film. After the film we, the Alamo programmers and our guest engage in an onstage discussion with you the audience, we answer questions, ponder meanings and digest the film together.
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