Discover: The Swimsuit Issue

Note: This piece was originally published during the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival. The Swimsuit Issue is now available at home via Tribeca Film: on DVD, iTunes, Netflix Instant, and more. Director Mans Herngren had cinephiles grinning when they exited the theater after Thursday night's screening of The Swimsuit Issue. The film follows eight middle-aged jocks as they come together to create Sweden's first all-male synchronized swimming team. The team's leader and founder is Fredrik, played by the talented Jonas Inde. Fredrik is a divorced and unemployed journalist who is fired by his female editor. His daughter, played by the equally engaging and beautiful Amanda Davin, is a synchronized swimmer who comes to live with Fredrik when her mother moves to London for work. After Fredrik loses his venue for playing indoor hockey to a female team, he decides to use his daughter's swimming uniform for an evening of drunken bachelor party antics.
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